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HATE IS A VIRUS - Charity Enamel Pin


HATE IS A VIRUS - Charity Enamel Pin

"I spent a long time trying to figure out how to express what I was feeling during the recent spike in Asian hate crimes. It’s been exhausting and frustrating being reminded of the conditional acceptance of Asian people in western society. Model minority until something like covid comes along. The more I saw the events of the past year unfold, the more I realize that we are loved for our culture but it doesn’t necessarily apply to our people.

I started to reflect on my own personal experiences with racism, fetishization and growing up with internalized racism, it’s sad that this isn’t something new.

“All guys should just date a nice Asian girl”
“Omg you’re so Asian”
“Go back where you came from”
“Can you dress up as an asian school girl, I think that’d be really hot”
“Having asian media representation isn’t important. I also never saw anyone who looked like me on tv when I was growing up, so it doesn’t matter” - a white cis gender male 🙄
“I’d offer some to you but it’s not dog meat so you wouldn’t like it”
“I only watch Asian porn”
“Is your vagina slanted too?”
“I love Asian women, they’re so exotic but quiet”
“Can you only speak mandarin to me during sex”
And those are just the verbal micro aggressions I’ve been told. I’m thankful I’ve never been physically assaulted.

From people getting spit on, robbed, stabbed, slashed, harassed, targeting the elderly, and then the shooting of 6 Asian women in Atlanta. I got tired of not being able to do anything. What could I really do for these victims but keep them in my thoughts and spread awareness. After the Atlanta shooting there were multiple gofundmes for the families of the victims and I didn’t feel like I was in a place where I could donate to all of them, enough to make an impact at least. So I spent a long time upset at myself that there was not a whole lot I could do. But then I had the idea that maybe I could create a charity product to raise money. So that’s where I am today. I have designed a pin where 100% of the profit will be set aside to support POC businesses, communities, and help victims of hate crimes."



Type: Hard Enamel Pin
Size: Varied: approx 1.25" tall
Finish: Shiny gold
Backing: 1 locking backings
Backing Card: Matte
Colors might vary just a bit from your screen.



Dispatch: I ship out orders the middle and end of every month.
Canada: 7-14 business days
US: 5-10 business days
INT: 10-22 business days

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Find me on my instagram @MoonPeachbyLily 

Please send me a message or email me at if you have any other questions.

HATE IS A VIRUS - Charity Enamel Pin


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